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Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump and transgender students, Ivanka's skewed childcare plan and more

We begin today’s roundup with The New York Times and its editorial on the Trump administration’s rollback of Obama’s order on transgender students:

Morning Digest: Joe Biden stars in ad for Saturday's special election to save the Delaware Senate

DE State Senate: It's been a while, but we have an old fashioned Biden Alert! Former Vice President Joe Biden is campaigning hard in this Saturday's special election, where control of the Delaware state...

Trump puts the FBI on his low-life leaker list

On Thursday, the Trump regime violated the separation between the the White House and the law enforcement sphere of the FBI.

Democrats have gotten the message from their base: Resist. Fight. Don't give in.

Hey, apparently elected Democrats have noticed all the people protesting in the streets and airports and calling their offices to say “vote no on Trump’s appointees and agenda.”